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 Kitten Pricing
& Information

Kitten Pricing:


🐾 Brown Rosetted:

    $1800 - $2200

🐾 Silver Rosetted:

    $1800 - $2500

🐾 Snow Rosetted: 

    $2000 -$2500

🐾 Charcoal Rosetted:

    $2000 - $2500


🐾  Only top select will be offered

    $4000 - $7000

 (to approved TICA Reg. catteries only)

🐾 All prices vary depending on filial, markings, color & pet or show quality.

Kittens come with:

🐾TICA reg. papers (upon proof of spay/neuter)
🐾2yr Health Guarantee & Care Contract
🐾Deworming & Vaccinations min 2 sets (age appropriate).
🐾Health Certificate from our Veterinarian🐾30 Day Free Pet Health Insurance
🐾Sample of kitten food
🐾Blanket with mother's scent
🐾Selection of toys
🐾Nails Trimmed


🐾Kittens Rehoming Age:

Kittens are kept a minimum 12 to 14 weeks of age. This ensures that the buyer is getting a well-socialized, well-adjusted kitten. By this time they are eating well on their own, are litter trained, have had vaccinations started & are mature enough to leave their mother & siblings.


Shipping or pickup arrangements & full payment for your BoardwalkExotic kitten must be made a week in advance of rehoming date. We deliver kittens up to Edmonton Alberta FREE of charge. At that time we arrive in Edmonton pickup/meeting arrangements or shipping arrangements will be met.

DRIVING we must be met in Edmonton with your BoardwalkExotic kitten at a certain date & time, at the location of our choice. If you cannot meet us we may consider driving the kitten further to meet you at an additional cost, this location must ALWAYS be in a public location. 

FLYING your BoardwalkExotic kitten, we generally ship out of YEG (Edmonton International) with WestJet/Delta or United Airlines.

~As the seller we make all arrangements for you, including finding shipping costs & booking flights.

~The Buyer is responsible for ALL shipping costs, including the airline approved carrier.

~For Safety and comfort reasons we will under NO circumstances ship a kitten on anything other than a DIRECT FLIGHT to any other airport than an International Airport in your closest major city. 


Once approved Non-refundable deposit of $300.00 (pet) $1000.00 (breeder/show) is required to hold the kitten of your choice. The deposit will not be refunded if the purchaser decides not to take the kitten. 

*Under some extenuating circumstances the deposit my be transferred to another BoardwalkExotic kitten born at a later date.

🐾Wait List:

If you would like to be put on our BoardwalkExotic wait list for a gorgeous kitten there is a $100.00 non-refundable payment for this. This puts you on our exclusive list that gives you first, second, third or forth pick when the litters are born. Depending on order received, on a first come first serve basis up to 4 spots per litter. We will keep your name, phone number, color, sex you prefer & we will contact you as soon as the litter is born giving you the options. This $300 amount will be credited to the future purchase of your new BoardwalkExotic kitten.


BoardwalkExotic Bengals reserves the right to cancel the purchase of a kitten at anytime during the process of an adoption. For example: If we feel the kitten would not make a perfect fit for your family or we may decide to keep the said kitten for our program we will terminate the sale & return your deposit in full.

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